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    On July 1, 2012, our company undertook the 660MW unit boiler feed pump of Shuanghuan Power Plant of Chongqing Hechuan Power Generation Co., Ltd. to be shipped and shipped.

    The project started bidding at the beginning of 2011. With the market influence of the “荏原” brand and the strong technical strength of the company, through the hard work of our company's sales staff and technicians, we stood out in the fierce competition and finally won the bidding opportunity. , signed the contract in March 2011.

    After the contract was signed, after careful organization and careful deployment by the production department, the technical requirements of the contract were strictly implemented. In June 2012, on the high-pressure pump test platform of our company, the one-time test was simulated under the actual working conditions, and all the performances met the contract technical requirements. And the actual efficiency is higher than the contract requirement of 1.2%.

    The boiler feed water pump of this project is 1×100% capacity configuration, Q=2211t/h, H=3534m. It is currently the largest pump with the highest flow rate and the highest lift in China, demonstrating the strong manufacturing and processing capabilities of our company.

    Water pump core package in Japan acceptance

    660MW boiler feed pump during testing

    660MW boiler feed pump ready to be installed

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