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    Wuhan Houhu Drainage Pumping Station

    In the past few days, the flood-fighting wars in many places in the South have attracted the attention of the Chinese people. Twenty days of heavy rains have continued, the Yangtze River has risen sharply, and related information has been constantly being screened.

    Among them, Wuhan is the most serious "injury". Dashuiwei City, many breaks and dykes, tens of thousands of people transfer, all schools are closed, many exits of the railway station are temporarily closed, the Yangtze River Tunnel is closed, the third ring line is closed, and several subway stations are backed by rain...

    In the planning of modern cities, the drainage system is the most important and the premise of all people's living and industrial development, and the key equipment of the drainage system is the drainage pump station and the pump unit.

    In the whole Wuhan drainage system, Wuhan Houhu drainage pump station is responsible for the entire Hankou and nearby areas. The pump station was completed in 1989 and has been in operation for 26 years. The original 12 pump units are seriously aging, with high failure rate and large maintenance. , low efficiency, the original 96.96m3 / s pumping capacity can only play 60% of the effect, resulting in the region's annual waterlogging, replacement equipment is imminent, and quickly and effectively complete the replacement, as soon as possible to shorten the construction period to ensure the urban people Life is not affected.

    EMZ began to participate in the demolition of old units in October 2015, as well as pre-measurement for the installation of new equipment. After five months of intensive design and manufacturing, in-house experiments, 12 sets of models were 1600VZNM vertical drawable in advance. The drainage pump unit was handed over to Wuhan Houhu Pumping Station.

    In March 2016, under the guidance of EMZ field service technician Lu Guang, all the units successfully completed the on-site installation.

    At 11:00 on March 31, 2016, the 12 units of the third phase of Wuhan Houhu Drainage Pumping Station were successfully started with a single load, which was completed 30 days earlier than the requirements of the Wuhan Municipal Government. According to the prior design, after the completion of the transformation, it will increase the capacity of the single pumping capacity by 30%, and the pumping capacity of the pumping station can reach the level of 10 years.

    In June 2016, Wuhan, a city surrounded by rivers, once again ushered in a torrential rain. Under the influence of the super El Nino phenomenon, the continuous rains in the Wuhan area for 20 consecutive days caused the Yangtze River to rise and the coastal sensation was grim... ...

    On the occasion of the rainstorm, our company entrusted the customer to send Luguang to the scene again to maintain the operation of the pump. As of July 3, Wuhan Houhu Pumping Station has been running a total of 2026.5 hours, calculated according to the flow rate of 6.75m3/s. The total discharge is about 49.25 million cubic meters! Due to the improvement of the drainage capacity of the pumping station, the dangerous situation of the Hankou area was effectively relieved to ensure that there was no significant waterlogging. During the entire drainage and rescue process, the Sugawara pump showed consistent stability and high efficiency. The service technician Lu Guang was the whole driver. Escorting, contributed to the people's life and industrial production in the Hankou area.

    In this era of rapid development, in the face of the increasingly important issue of urban drainage, the EBARA brand has accumulated valuable experience, cultivated excellent employees, and always gave back these unreservedly. Society, truly do "benefit the earth."

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